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"You must read Donna Rosenthal's comprehensive work. It is refreshing to read a book about ordinary people. Religious and secular, Jews and Arabs, settlers and suicide bombers - they are all here and in their own words."

-David Lennon, FINANCIAL TIMES former Israel Bureau Chief

"Rosenthal, a journalist's journalist, has written what I believe is the best book about ordinary Israelis in decades."
-David Aikman, TIME MAGAZINE former Israel Bureau Chief

"THE ISRAELIS depicts an up-to-date, comprehensive portrayal of Israeli society. Donna Rosenthal captures both its rich variety and its many internal contradictions through personal vignettes whose characters are moving and endearing. Her style is more journalistic than academic, which makes the book more human, relevant, and easy to read for anyone who seeks to gain a thorough understanding of Israel's complex social fabric and of the intense daily lives of its inhabitants. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it."
-Eric Benhamou, former CEO of 3Com and Palm

"A wonderful book: well researched, balanced, and a joy to read. It brings you a picture of Israel that only a superb journalist such as the author can expose. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time."
-Amir D. Aczel, The New York Times best-selling author of Fermat's Last Theorem

"Intimate and vibrant. The only book I have ever seen that reveals the full human spectrum of Israel today."
-Prof. Daniel Matt, author of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition and The Essential Kaballah

"THE ISRAELIS is thoroughly absorbing, and also deeply instructive, even for readers who may be familiar with the country. It provides a vivid mosaic of anecdotal portraits that span all the variegated sectors of Israel's population and all the problems with which contemporary Israelis struggle."
- Prof. Robert Alter,
Chairman, Middle East Studies, UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA Berkeley

"A colorful, and compelling portrait of young Israelis nobody knows. We hear the personal stories of the crazy mix of people who live in this well known, but little understood land. Anyone who wants to go far beyond the headlines will be wiser for having read this insightful book."
-David Biale, Prof. of Jewish Studies, Chairman, History Dept. UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA Davis. Editor, Cultures of the Jews

"THE ISRAELIS is a fascinating, intimate, and vivid portrait of the incredible heterogeneity of Israeli society. It was required reading in my Israeli Society courses and all my university students - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists - ranging from those who knew nothing of Israel to those who have been there numberous times - stated they learned much and loved reading it."
- Chaim Waxman, Prof. of Sociology and Jewish Studies emeritus, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY.

"Thoroughly current. Abundant anecdotes giftedly crafted and frequently poignant, tell the story of the many tribes of modern Israel. For anyone who wants to learn more about contemporary Israel away from the headlines."
-John Schlegel, S.J., President CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY, former President UNIVERSITY of SAN FRANCISCO

"Donna Rosenthal's sharp journalistic eye gives readers a rare book - an objective and even-handed account of life in Israel today."
-Martin Halstuk, Prof. of Journalism, PENN STATE UNIVERSITY and former editor,LOS ANGELES TIMES

"A panorama of Israeli diversity.Ashkenazim and Sephardim, orthodox and secular, Russians and Ethiopians, Arabs and Christians...Thanks, Ms. Rosenthal!"

"She methodically lims the various ethnic and religious subcultures, Jewish and non-Jewish, that constitute the vibrant and fragile mosaic of Israeli society."

"Unlike the myriad of other books on this tiny nation,THE ISRAELIS illuminates the daily lives and backgrounds of Israelis unknown to many in the world... Exhaustive research and reporting. Can be appreciated by Israelis and non-Israelis."

"From the ultra-Orhtodox who slip prayer faxes into the Western Wall to traditional Ethiopians who kiss the knees of respected elders; from educated, affluent Chritian Arabs to Russian brainiacs changing technology and science; from peace-activist Muslim doctors to Bedouin women teaching sex education, to kibbutzniks who raise crops electronically. Rosenthal tells their stories with wit, diligence and without making judgements. A very literate work that anyone - no matter how extensive their knowledge of Israel -- can learn from. THE ISRAELIS teaches us that in Israel, stereotypes fo not apply - Muslims can be loyal to the state or to Hamas, Jews may follow the politics of peace or revenge, and rabbis may be fantastic or fanatical. One wonders how a tiny country can contain so many contradicitons and communities with such divergent needs. "

"One of the most fascinating and detailed insights into any country written by a close observer in recent memory. Rosenthal's dispassionate style is powerful. Scrupulously fair."

"This in-depth portrait of Israeli society today -- based on interviews with hundreds of Israelis from all walks of life as well as different ethnic groups and religions -- reveals a human face of Israel that is often lost behind the headlines."
-REFORM JUDAISM MAGAZINE - Significant Jewish Book Award

"An eye-opener.Rosenthal's book reveals a complex, diverse, ultra-modern society."

"We all hear about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But what about the people? Donna Rosenthal shares their stories...Even in Israel, THE ISRAELIS has shocked readers who didn't realize the depth of cultures in the country.

"She stands aside and listens. A masterpiece."

"Her writing is engaging, often gripping. This book is one of a type that appears every 15 or 20 years from American publishers."

"Reveals surprise after surprise."